DIY vs Professional Home Security: what’s the difference?

RISCO Group Apr 19, 2017
Making the choice between DIY & professional security systems can be tough – do you give it a go yourself or leave it to the professionals? The main thing to remember is that although both DIY and professionally installed security systems offer a different range of benefits and drawbacks, they both provide a level of protection for your home. The type of system you choose is completely down to you, but it’s best to make informed decisions based on your requirements & your circumstances. Once you determine which method works best for you, you can get started with protecting your home. Below we’

Smart Security: are you ready for the next generation of burglar alarms?

RISCO Group Apr 10, 2017
With many of the big security system manufacturers recently shifting to incorporate smarter, better connected technologies into their intruder security systems and big players such as Apple and Google joining the race to power the ultimate connected home; there’s no doubt that smart, cloud-based technology will dominate the next generation of home security products. This inevitably means that individuals need to start thinking of their general security & privacy from a 360 degree perspective. This article explains why and also details some simple steps you can take to help you prepare for the

5 Different Uses for Security Cameras in Your Home

RISCO Group Apr 1, 2017
Recent advances in technology have made having video cameras in your home a much more affordable & appropriate security measure. Once only achievable with a full-circuit CCTV system, security cameras now come in many shapes, sizes & can be placed virtually anywhere in the home at a much cheaper cost thanks to the arrival of the smart security system. With some more advanced security systems now connecting to mobile phone applications, instant visual verification is a welcome security addition in many homes and can serve many purposes beyond catching-out criminals. Below are 5 examples of how p

Burglar Alarms Through The Ages: A Brief History Of Modern Home Security

RISCO Group Mar 20, 2017
The concept of security dates back thousands of years to when dogs were used to alert people to intruders & protecting yourself with lethal weapons was the norm. Today, security has becomeextremely elaborate thanks to technological advances and innovations. This article explains how the modern burglar alarm has evolved over the years and offers some insight into what’s next with the new technology currently being developed by alarm manufacturers. Early 1700s: An English inventor known as Mr Tildesley was the first to be credited with the creation of the first acceptable model for an intrusion

Prevent Burglars Breaking Into Your Home By Following These 3 Simple Rules.

RISCO Group Mar 7, 2017
Domestic burglary is one of the most common crimes in Britain, with over 200,000 cases being reported in England & Wales last year alone ( ). With recent news hitting the headlines that 94% of reported burglaries are left unsolved , with one particular police force even attempting to save money by ignoring call-outs to burglaries at odd-numbered houses (no, we’re not kidding – read it here ); homeowners, renters & landlords alike need to become increasingly vigilant when it comes to protecting their possessions & the buildings they live in. So where do we start when it comes to

Home Security Tips for Pet Owners

RISCO Group Feb 20, 2017
Your pet is a part of your family, which is why your pet’s safety is just as important as everyone else’s. With no way of letting us know how they’re getting on, pets can be particularly vulnerable when you’re not at home for short periods of time during the day. So we’ve identified 4 ways the home security measures you take can make a difference to your pet’s own safety & security when you’re out & about. 1. First thing’s first Microchipping is a basic measure to ensure your cat or dog can be identified & returned to you if they choose to wander & will be compulsory for all dogs in the UK fro

5 Simple Rules to Keep Your Home Safe & Sound Whilst You’re On Holiday

RISCO Group Feb 7, 2017
Chances are you’re off on holiday this summer and will be leaving everything behind for a week or two in an effort to relax & take a hard-earned break. Leaving your home unoccupied while on holiday means it can be an irresistible target for thieves & burglars. That said, there are plenty of things that you can do to make your home, and the possessions contained within it, more secure while you are away. Prevent Home Theft Whilst Traveling We’ve condensed everything you need to know about keeping your home safe whilst you’re away into 5 simple rules so that the next time you go on holiday, you

Is it true that a wired system is more credible and reliable than a wireless system?

RISCO Group Jan 29, 2017
Both system types are reliable. If you are in the planning phase of building a new house, you can still ask the engineer or the architect to plan the security and protection infrastructures, and to install a wired security system. A wireless security system provides an excellent solution if you wish to secure an existing house, as it does not require preparing infrastructures and passing pipeline through walls. You should be aware that wired systems usually don't offer a variety of safety detectors such as smoke, gas, or flood detectors, and so on.

What is the difference between an alarm system and a protection system?

RISCO Group Jan 15, 2017
A security system (or an alarm) is usually defined as a system that alerts you in case of an intrusion attempt to a building, whereas the protection system protects you from other safety hazards that are not related to home instrusion, and includes devices that detect other safety hazards and threats (such as flooding, gas leak, fire, etc.) A safety protection system can also include safety cameras, and more.

How will I know how many detectors I need?

RISCO Group Jan 3, 2017
Deciding how many detectors you need often depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your home and your own personal requirements. But don't worry, professional security installers will always be on hand to assess your home and advise you on what's best for you and your home. First, map all windows and doors in all rooms and spaces in the house. Afterwards, select various types of detectors, including intrusion detectors (volume and peripheral detectors), and detectors for other hazards (such as flooding, gas leak, smoke, and fire). See our Security Systems Glossary of Terms to find