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Is it true that a wired system is more reliable than a wireless system?

Both system types are reliable. If you are in the planning phase of building a new house, you can still ask the engineer or the architect to plan the security and protection infrastructures, and to install a wired security system. A wireless security system provides an excellent solution if you wish to secure an existing house, as it does not require preparing infrastructures and passing pipeline through walls. You should be aware that wired systems usually don't offer a variety of safety detectors such as smoke, gas, or flood detectors, and so on.

I have a dog. How can I prevent a situation where the alarm is set off if my pet is moving around the house?

Under these circumstances it is highly recommended to install a dedicated motion detector. Infrared detectors for pets will trigger an alarm each time it detects the presence of a body above a certain weight or height, and will not be activated in case a pet enters the secured area. You should purchase your security system from a certified, recommended installer.

How will I know how many detectors I need?

First, map all windows and doors in all rooms and spaces in the house. Afterwards, select various types of detectors, including intrusion detectors (motion and peripheral detectors), and detectors for other hazards (such as flooding, gas leak, smoke, and fire). A more advanced and innovative system with diverse detector options will provide a wider and more effective safety solution. Don't hesitate to hire the assistance of a professional expert that will arrive to your premises for reviewing the possible risks and weakness points of the house and its surroundings.

What is the difference between an alarm system and a safety system?

A security system (or an alarm) is usually defined as a system that alerts you in case of an intrusion attempt to a building, whereas the protection system protects you from other safety hazards that are not related to home intrusion, and includes devices that detect other safety hazards and threats (such as flooding, gas leak, fire, etc.) A safety protection system can also include safety cameras, and more.

Is it enough to have an indoor security system, or should I also protect the outdoors?

Is it enough to have an indoor security system, or should I also protect the outdoors?

Residential apartments in buildings mostly require internal protection of the residential space. In case of a private home, garden apartment, a penthouse, or a house with side terrace areas, you should also consider protection of outdoor areas that provides an additional layer of protection. In this case, you should also consider installing cameras in addition to outdoor detectors. An external system is more effective in case of intruders as it alerts you before the intruder enters the house.

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